Easy Jewelry Sets

Your life is hectic. My life is hectic. We all seem to be so strapped for time that the smallest conveniences in the morning can really make a difference. A jewelry set, for instance, allows you to just grab and go and not worry about how the pieces look together.

Whether you have children, pets, animals who act like children, or children who act like animals, it can be easy to forget (or just not bother) to put on your jewelry before you set off for your day. 

Here are a few of my favorite jewelry sets of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings to help your morning routine move as smoothly as possible.  

Earring Sets

Set of 4 Bar EarringsEach of these tiny four gold stud earrings are a little different. These look great with multiple piercings in one ear.

 Set of 4 Bar Earring Set

Bracelet Sets

Hammered Bangle Set: This beautiful handmade set includes brass, bronze and copper bangles and is one of our all-time best sellers.

Hammered Bangle Set 

Layered Necklace Sets

Layered Necklace Set with GemstonesLayering necklaces can be a little intimidating. This set includes three separate necklaces so you can wear them together or mix and match with others in your jewelry collection.

Layered Necklace Set 

Ring Sets

Midi Stacked Ring SetThese thin midi (or knuckle) rings are lightly hammered for extra shine. The set includes silver, gold and rose gold. Wear these together or on different fingers.

Midi Ring Set of 3

Full Jewelry Set

Full Jewelry SetWell, we can't make it any easier for you with this set. The curved bar necklace, thin open bangle and curved bar earrings are an automatic match. No thinking required.

Gold Curved Bar jewelry set 

I don't know about you, but when I forget to put on jewelry, I feel like something is missing. Earrings frame my face and a necklace sets the tone for my whole outfit. I always regret not taking that extra minute to grab my jewelry for the day.

Hopefully, these jewelry sets will help you to have extra sparkle everyday without the fuss.

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