Have you been on Polyvore? I may be a little late in the game, but I have just recently started spending (maybe a little too much) time on the popular ecommerce site. The main purpose of the site is for shopping, but to me it's like playing dress up.

What is Polyvore?

I can select a full virtual outfit including shoes, bag, jewelry, coat and even makeup to create a "set." I think of a set as my shopping cart. These are the items that I like paired together.

The items I choose for my sets are often from the very best designers. After all, it doesn't cost anything to add these pricey items to my set, so money is no object. Even if I don't plan to buy the items, they are all cleverly linked directly to their respective product pages. Like I said, Polyvore is an ecommerce site.

To go a step further to make my set more creative and appealing, I add a pretty model face, a few background effects and catchy wording and that's it. I'm left with a pretty little set of an outfit that I can dream about wearing one day. Each set turns into a graphic that can be shared on your favorite social sites, so go ahead and show everyone how you're a style trendsetter.

It seems that there is no limitation to what I can find listed on Polyvore. Many major designers and retailers have their products listed (of course, including Olive Yew.) Polyvore isn't just for fashion, though. It has home items listed, too. So, if I want the pretty model in my perfectly selected outfit to have a beautiful living room in the background, it's all up to me. Again, it is just like dress up with a make-believe virtual dollhouse.

Here are a few sets that I've created:





Holiday Gold Wish List



Angels among us


The look for less


I hope you like my sets. They're fun to make. Want to follow me on Polyvore? Just search for oliveyewjewelry. To see more of Olive Yew's personalized necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, visit our Etsy shop.