Olive Yew Customer Reviews

Everyone loves a compliment!

This is what you'll see at the bottom of each product page now on OliveYew.com. 

Previously, the only way to post a public comment on our items was from our Etsy shop. When someone orders an item from Etsy, the person has up to 60 days to post a product review that includes a star rating from 1-5 (5 is the best).

I regularly look at the reviews. I appreciate the good reviews and pay attention to those who are not happy. Once in a while, I'll even add one of these product reviews to the product page on Olive Yew.com. But, now that we have an actual "Customer Review" section, I'm happy to say that comments can accumulate on their own.

I do appreciate each and every review that a customers takes the time to write. Just for a giggle, I want to show you a few of the sweetest, funniest and just plain weirdest reviews we've received on Etsy over the past few months. 


Top 10 Favorite Product Reviews


1. Mustard Seed Locket Necklace 

"Beautiful! The recipient cannot help but to shake the locket to hear the seed. This is a perfect reminder of the power of faith."

I love that she likes the sound of the seed inside. Some people think that the seed is glued in the locket (and have been disappointed that it isn't). I thought about doing that, but it really makes the seed look very ugly. Plus there is no way I could guarantee that the seed would stay glued for long.


2. Sister Necklace 

"I received a necklace from this shop and absolutely loved it, so I visited the shop myself this Christmas. The items are beautiful delicate pieces for everyday wear, and both recipients loved their gifts. They were shipped very quickly and I'll definitely be shopping here again." 

We don’t get many visitors to the shop, so it’s nice to meet a customer once in a while. Visitors beware – Gertie really is here every day and requires love and attention from everyone. You will see this goofy face.

Gertie the French Bulldog


3. Grandmother Locket Necklace

"I ordered this as a gift and sent it directly to the recipient. The chain came so tangled it took a specialist to fix, but they were happy to have us send the old one back and get a new one if we would like. The recipient had gotten it fixed before they responded but I'm grateful for the wonderful customer service!"

See, we appreciate good comments and listen to the bad ones. Because of this comment, we figured out how to package the chain so that it would not tangle. 


4. Rose Gold Heart Initial Necklace 

"My daughter absolutely loved our mommy and me necklaces. She wears it everyday."

How sweet! What little girl doesn’t want to be just like her mom?! 


5. Tiny Bee Ring

"The ring is adorable, the bee is tiny and perfectly rendered with a lot of detail. Olive Yew is a top artisan with very responsive and helpful customer service!"

She included her own pic. Love it! You can do this on Etsy review and I love it when people do it.

Olive Yew Tiny Bee Ring


6. Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace 

"Thank you so much, these necklaces mean so much to me. My 27 year old sister just got diagnosed with breast cancer so I got her, my other sister, and myself these necklaces to show support through her treatment. Thank you for these beautiful Necklaces!" 

Little snippets into our customer’s lives are so special to us! We appreciate being able to help with supporting a loved one's battle.


7. Best friend necklace

"I'm very happy with it and I know she'll love it! The pre-typed note was perfect and sounds just like something I would say. The owner was very sweet and replied to messages with great time. I would definitely purchase from Olive yew! again.. I mean c'mon, they have the cutest name ever!"

This is such a cute comment! We’re glad other people appreciate the name as much as we do. 


8. Cursive Lowercase Initial Necklace

"I had bought this item for myself first and now one for my sister since she loved mine! Prompt delivery, lovely necklace my sister looooves it!!!"

Sisters always want what the other one has. Note for a happier life:  when you buy something, just go ahead and get one for your sister, too.


9. Hammered Bangle Bracelet Set

"the fact is the best thing"

Not sure what happened here, but the customer only gave 2 out of 5 stars. Hmmmm. Lost in translation?


10. Rose Gold Skull Necklace

"Absolutely gorgeous!! So delicate yet it's a skull so it's totally badass. Love!!"

This is my favorite comment. I can't help it, I just love it. 


These customer reviews are not a secret and can easily be found in the appropriately named "Reviews" section in our Etsy shop. As nice as it is to see these reviews, I'd also love to see reviews start showing up on OliveYew.com.

If you like an item, please let us know. Everyone loves a compliment.

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