How to take a silhouette photo

Have you heard? I'm now able to make custom silhouette necklaces! I've been holding on to this news for a while now so that I could perfect the process, so I'm very excited to finally share the news!

My new silhouettes collection includes an engraved locket necklace that can hold two silhouettes plus a monogram on the front, a solid silhouette necklace and an extra meaningful silhouette necklace set that is meant to share. That set is great for your mother and grandmother (like a generations necklace) and consists of a solid silhouette plus the round disk with the open cut-out silhouette. 

Engraved Silhouette Locket Necklace (*this locket is no longer available)

Silhouette Locket Necklace


Silhouette Necklace

 Silhouette Necklace


Silhouette Necklace Set

Silhouette Necklace Set

With this new collection, you can choose from our premade boys or girls silhouettes or you can create a custom one from an image you send us. 

It may seem like it would be too much trouble, but it's really not. The little bit of effort you put into this will give so much reward when you have such a pretty keepsake necklace for yourself or a loved one. To make this as easy as possible, I've written a few instructions on how to take the image for the silhouette.

How to Photograph a Silhouette

  • You or your loved one should be placed in front of a solid white (or light colored) background facing either right or left.
  • Remove eye wear. Silhouette's look a little alien-ish with glasses.
  • Long hair should be pulled into a ponytail, messy bun or even a braid. This will provide cute hair detail instead of a helmet-head look. You'll be surprised how little wisps of hair and eyelashes will be included in the silhouette's detail.
  • Wear a shirt with no collar so the neck is fully visible. Most people want long and graceful necks. If a hoodie is worn, the person will look like a hunchback. 
  • To show full details of the lips, have a relaxed face. Smiling will just flatten the lips. No duck face please, because you will end up looking like a duck. That is not the look we're going for here.
  • Take the picture from eye level approximately 5 – 7 feet away.

Once the picture is taken, simply email it to me (full instructions are in the product description) and I'll do the rest. Easy peasy!

For an example, here is the silhouette picture we used for our premade little girl with a ponytail:

Silhouette example


Here is the finished engraved silhouette:

Too cute! I can't wait to see all the cute little faces that customers will be sending me, but don't think you can only do a kid's silhouette. This can be for pets, spouses, or any loved one!

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