You have no idea how excited I am to finally be able to engrave my necklaces, bracelets and rings with elegant monograms, names and dates. Not that I'm abandoning hand stamping, though. The pieces of jewelry that have always been stamped will remain stamped, but with engraving I'm now able to personalize jewelry with a wider variety of fonts.

Since this is new to Olive Yew, I wanted to create an engraving and monogram guide for everyone. Not sure which initials you should use for a monogram? This guide should help.

Engraving and Monogram Guide

Below is a chart of all the fonts we currently have available for engraving. You can choose to have names, dates, GPS coordinates or anything else on our engraved necklaces or bracelets. Just remember, the more characters we engrave, the smaller the font will be in order to fit them all on the charm.

For example, with the Engraved Madison Name Bracelet, if the name is longer than Madison, we will adjust to a smaller font size to make sure all the letters fit on the name plate. If the name is the same length or shorter than Madison, the font size will remain the same as shown in the picture.

Madison Name Plate Bracelet

Be sure to look at EACH LETTER that will be engraved for you in the font you want. If you really like the "Cursive 2" font, but you don't like that font's letter "G"  then don't choose that font if you have a "G" that will be engraved. This seems pretty basic, but I just want you to be very selective. Once your personalized jewelry is engraved, we obviously can not change it.

Engraving Font Options

Monogram Engraving Font Options

Monogram Initials Guide

There are quite a few monogram combinations that you can choose that are all appropriate. Here are just a few of the most common combinations for our tremendously happy generic couple, Rosie Jane Gold and Billy Bob Happy:

Marriage / Wedding Monogram - wife's first name, bigger married last name, husband's first name

(Rosie, Happy, Billy; "Script Monogram" font)


Standard Monogram - with bigger last name in the middle

(Rosie, Gold, Jane; "Cursive 1" font)


Standard Initials - with first, middle and last name all the same height

(Rosie, Jane, Gold; "Modern Monogram" font)


Standard Monogram - with bigger partner's last name and maiden name as middle name

(Rosie, Happy, Gold; "Traditional 1" font)



Yes, I know there are countless other combinations such as hyphenated names, names with a Mc or Von, etc., but these are the most common. Plus, honestly you and I both know that you will get bored and not read any further if I add more.

If you have a question about monogram etiquette, just ask me! 

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