Map Necklace Contest

I know I said the last new necklace I created (the Icon Story Necklace) was my favorite, but now this new Map Necklace really is my favorite. Final answer. 

You can enter to win a free custom Map Necklace for a very limited time on Facebook, so enter now! Giveaway contest ends on 6/9/16. **contest is now over**

I love the idea of coordinates jewelry and remembering a special place like your wedding location, where you met your sweetie, or even your childhood home. Having the latitude and longitude engraved into a necklace is really pretty, but I wanted to make something a little different. Something that shows a little more heart.

My new Map Necklace is a small street map with the exact location marked with a tiny cut out heart. After all, that is where your heart can be found. The map is engraved into a circle charm or a horizontal or vertical bar.

The map area that spans the small distance around the heart is determined by all has to do with how the streets look to make it visually appealing. In other words, it's my prerogative. Don't worry though, I'll make it look great. 

Map Necklace

Map Necklace by Olive Yew


I would love to know where your heart can be found. Tell me in the comments or join our Facebook contest!

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