It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to get for your mom for Mother’s Day. How do you thank the woman who brought you into this world, fed you, bathed you, and made sure you ate your veggies? Thoughtfully, I hope.

Here are a few ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that will ensure your place at the “grown-up table” during your next holiday dinner.


More than the gift itself, mom’s want to spend time with their kids. Especially once the kids are all grown up and away from home. A great way to spend special time with your mom while giving her a chance to get pampered, is going to the salon and getting a mani or pedi together. Sure, you should give her the option to go alone if she wants to, but more than likely, she’ll want you there. What a great way to spend time with your mom.


A gift that can be enjoyed for years is jewelry. Surprise mom with a customized handmade necklace, bracelet, or earrings. One idea is to spell out “mom” with our unique lowercase cursive initial necklace.

MOM Cursive Lowercase Letter Necklace 

Or, create a new take on a Mother’s pendant by customizing a Hand Stamped Bar Necklace with each kid’s initials. The necklaces can be ordered in different lengths and layered. One very smart customer did this and had the initials placed on opposite sides of the bars. Take a look, they look great together!

Custom Hand Stamped Bar Necklace


Let’s face it, moms have had busy lives. They don’t always take the time they should for themselves. A great way to show how much you appreciate your mom is to surprise her with a day (or at least a couple hours) of pure relaxation with a message, facial, etc. With all the stress you have put her through, she deserves it.


We’re so lucky that Mother’s Day falls in the Spring. I always love giving my mom flowers and plants. Not just a bouquet of flowers – something that can be planted and enjoyed for many years.

Don’t tell my mom, but this year, I plan to give her one of my Lenten Rose bushes. This type of rose bush takes years (seriously it really does) to start blooming from when it is first grown, so I’m going to give her one of my mature plants. If you aren’t familiar with this type of rose, it blooms all winter. With this gift, not only will she have flowers to enjoy all drabby winter, but they will be special because they’re from me. As you can tell, I’m her favorite child…

Lenten Rose

What are you planning to give your mom this year?

For more Mother’s Day gift ideas that can be enjoyed over and over again, visit Olive Yew’s Etsy shop to view all of our handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.