Colorful Gemstone Jewelry

Here at Olive Yew, we specialize in handmade jewelry in gold, silver and rose gold. These three finishes can bring a great deal to an outfit, but sometimes we like a little extra punch of color. A dainty gemstone necklace can do just the trick.

Check out a few of our colorful options:

You probably remember the new Gemstone Necklace Collection we came out with in January. In this necklace collection, there are 11 – yes eleven (11) – different gemstones to choose from that are sure to match any outfit.

Gemstone Jewelry

Those aren’t the only necklaces we have with color. The Beach Glass Necklace Collection includes six different colors of the petite sea glass. These are sure to bring back fond memories of past beach vacations. Oh vacation, how I’ve missed you and hope to see you soon.

Beach Glass Necklace

For those who are fans of the beautiful uniqueness of turquoise, our Spike and Harmony Necklaces are classic choices. The Turquoise Harmony is believed to ward of negativity and promote a healthy peaceful mind. Everyone could use some of that!

Harmony Turquoise Necklace

If a classic and sophisticated look is what you want, look no further than the Midnight Blue Droplet Necklace.  This tiny dark droplet looks almost black, but when light hits it just right, you’ll see a beautiful blue shine through.

Midnight Blue Droplet Necklace

Lastly, the Birthstone Necklace can always be worn no matter what other colors you are wearing. This isn’t a necklace you necessarily choose to wear because of your clothes that day. This color is your personal color and therefore goes with everything – no matter what anyone else says.

Birthstone Necklace

What color are you? Do you think your color and birthstone match your personality?

Look for Olive Yew’s gemstone jewelry as well as the full collection of petite handmade gold, silver and rose gold jewelry on Etsy.