Animal Jewelry 

When you think of Olive Yew’s handmade jewelry, you probably think of all things that are feminine and dainty. But, Olive Yew can also bring out the wild animal in you…sort of.

Our variety of animal jewelry that features wild and fierce beasts will immediately make you feel edgy and beautiful at the same time. Not everyone may consider our Squirrel or Bunny Bracelets as fierce per se, but how about the Butterfly Necklace or Bee Ring? A lot of people are very afraid of insects. Bees can actually kill people who are allergic. You’d have to be allergic to cute to not want this Bee Ring, though.

Tiny Bee Ring

Another fierce animal is the bird. Haven’t you heard of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds?” Our bird necklace, earrings and ring could easily bring back traumatic flashbacks to anyone who see them. You may want to wear the bird pieces with caution around your friends and family. Although all I see in these adorable Bird Earrings are sweet little love birds.

Bird Ring

Our largest and most imposing animal jewelry include elephants. These large and in-charge animals do not play when it comes to defending their young. Wait, that’s not a bad thing. Honestly, elephants are such majestic creatures that I don’t want to say anything negative about them.  Plus, since elephants are a symbol of good luck, they make an adorable addition to your lucky horseshoe or clover jewelry pieces. Seriously, how can you not love this Elephant Necklace?

Elephant Necklace

When you’re feeling a little wild and sassy, choose one of our “wild side” animal pieces to complement your mood. Check out our full list of handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and bracelets on Etsy.