Personalized Jewelry

From Olive Yew’s inception, the goal has been to create petite and feminine handmade jewelry for women of all ages. This goal continues in our personalized jewelry collection of hand stamped bar necklaces and bracelets.

According to Merriam-Webster, the meaning of “personalize” is, “to mark (something) in a way that shows it belongs to a particular person” as well as “to change or design (something) for a particular person.”

That’s exactly what we do. Each personalized name or initial necklace and bracelet made by Olive Yew is made according to the exact specifications from the customer, such as:

  • Choice of finishes in rose gold, gold or silver for letters bars, disks and chains.
  • Choice of letters, symbols and even icons.
  • Placement of name or letters on bar (centered or to the side.)

With anything “handmade,” there comes a uniqueness that you can’t get from mass production. We’re proud of the quality that we’re able to achieve from our custom handmade jewelry and how each hammered bar, hand stamped letter, engraved bar or hand formed and soldered earring is truly one-of-a-kind.

Here’s a look at a few pieces from our personalized jewelry collection:

Thin Name Bar Necklace

This Skinny Personalized Name Bar Necklace can hold a variety of fonts, symbols and characters. 


Engraved Name Bar Necklace

Like the thinner version this wider Name Bar Necklace can be engraved with almost anything you can imagine. 


Cursive Letter Necklace

This Cursive Lowercase Letter Necklace is available in rose gold, silver and gold.


Capital Letter Necklace

This Capital Letter Necklace is available in gold, silver or rose gold.

Personalized Heart Disk Necklace

This small personalized Heart Disk Necklace can include an & or a + to separate the initials. Available in silver, rose gold or gold.

Engraved Bar Bracelet

Our personalized curved Bar Bracelet can be engraved with all of the same characters and symbols as the bar necklaces.

Although we do offer quite a few personalized pieces, we offer even more handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that do not include letters. Check them out in our Etsy shop.