Layering Necklaces

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, here at Olive Yew, we love dainty and feminine jewelry pieces. Our designs fit all styles – whether you prefer a simple letter necklace or an edgier skull charm. The best part of having smaller pieces like ours is being able to layer them so easily.

We think layering chunky pieces are great as well…it’s just not for us.

There is definitely an art to layering necklaces, but it shouldn’t be intimidating. You can choose to layer pieces that are roughly the same length or vary the lengths for a cascading effect. If you missed it, we have a blog about different necklace lengths and how to measure for them.

The finish of your layered necklaces can also differ. For instance, we think rose gold and silver look great together. Ultimately, if you like the layers you’ve put together and they make you feel beautiful, then they are perfect.

For those who need a little help, we’re here for you.

Add this Layered Bar Necklace Set to your after-work outfit to dramatically complement your décolletage.

Layered Necklace Set

This Layered Necklace Set includes a necklace from our Gemstone collection. Of course, you can choose any of the 11 gemstones to be included in this set.

Layered Necklace Set with Gemstone

This Curved Bar Jewelry Set isn’t just layered necklaces. It includes a pair of our earrings, a bracelet and a necklace. This is such a classic set that it will match everyone’s style and wardrobe.

Curved Bar Jewelry Set 

The layered sets that we have created consist of separate pieces, so get creative and mix and match with other sets or even wear certain pieces alone. It is all up to you, we’re just giving you a helping hand with a few ideas.

For these and many more handmade necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, visit our shop on Etsy.