Bridal Party Gifts

It finally happened…you’re getting married! You’re looking for the perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect everything.

Although your dress, venue, and décor are key elements of your wedding, who you choose to be in your wedding party is equally important. After all, you and your bridesmaids are going to go through a lot together.

They will buy an expensive dress just because you asked them. Even though you’ll insist certain aspects of the dress can be altered in order to make it more versatile and worn again, it won’t and they won’t. But it’s OK because that’s what friends are for.

There is also an endless array of bridal showers, lunches and various other gatherings that are sure to put a strain on your bridesmaids’ bank accounts in addition to the personal time away from their family and/or significant others. In fact, as a result of being in your bridal party, their hopes of becoming a bride one day may be slightly pushed back due to the their lack of personal time with their significant others. Ok, that may be pushing it, but your bridesmaids no doubt accept a big commitment when joining the bridal party.

So, how are you going to show your appreciation to this lucky group of loyal friends who so willingly open their wallets and time for you and your big day?

Here are our top 3 bridal party gift ideas:

1. The petite Bow Necklace. This necklace can include a Thank You card that reads, “Your love and kindness means a lot. Thanks for helping us tie the knot!”

Bridesmaid Gift Bow Necklace

2. The Best Friend Necklace with interlocking circles. A wickedly funny card is included with this necklace as well. It reads, “My handpicked family, my partner in crime and my personal therapist. Thank you for the constant reminder in life that people don’t always suck.”

Best Friend Necklace

3. A tiny custom Letter Necklace. Provide a personalized gift that includes 1, 2 or even 3 letters. You can also customize to your bridesmaid’s style by choosing an uppercase letter or a lowercase cursive letter.

 Cursive Letter

2 Letter Necklace

The perfect dress sets you apart and puts you on center stage. The perfect venue and decor sets the mood from the beginning of your guests’ arrival. But, your bridal party greatly assists in the mood of all pre-wedding activities up to the last minute before you walk down the aisle.

Show them how much they mean to you with a custom handmade necklace from Olive Yew. Check out these bridal party gift suggestions on!