If a hoop earring is shaped like a square, is it still a hoop earring? We say yes. And with all due respect to the stud earrings we’ve recently added to the Olive Yew catalog, why should stud earrings have all the fun? We say they shouldn’t and thanks to the newest additions to the catalog, we have the goods to back it up!

If you love handmade hoop earrings that will last a lifetime, this post is for you.


Here’s a quick look at what’s new.


Square Hoop Earring

Small hammered square hoops: Yet more proof that sometimes it really is stylish to be square. These cute gold square hoops are perfectly petite, measuring just 1/2 inch across and down. Lightweight enough to wear all day along, but made with the kind of premium materials that never feel cheap or flake over time. Available in sterling silver, gold filled and rose gold.

Hammered Hoop Earring

Small handmade oval hoop earrings: These simple but unique hoops measure 1 inch long and are comfortable and versatile enough for any occasion you can throw at them. Choose from gold filled, rose gold filled or sterling silver.

Hammered Open Hoop Earring

Open hoop earrings: Conveying a style that’s understated but not to be ignored, these simple open hoops, which measure 1 1/2 inches across, also place a premium on comfort and quality. Hand hammered with love and, like every earring we sell, made with premium materials that won’t turn your ears green. Available in sterling silver, gold filled and rose gold.

Small Hammered Open Hoop Earring

Small open hoops: These small open hoops are individually hand hammered and formed, so you can wear them knowing they’re both made with love and made to last. Each earring measures 3/4 of an inch long. Available in sterling silver, rose gold and rose gold.

Large Hoop Earring

Large rose gold, gold or silver hoops: If you’re looking for something that’s a little larger but never clunky or heavy, these lightweight hoops are perfect. They measure 2 inches across, but they’re so light and comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing them until someone asks you where you got them! Choose from gold filled, rose gold filled or sterling silver.

Small Hammered Hoop Earring

Tiny handmade hoops: Last but not least, these dainty, handmade little hoops are adorable! Just con’t let the small size fool you: They’re as durable as every piece of handmade jewelry we make. Built to last forever and turn your ears green never. Each hoop measures 1/2 inch across. Available in gold, rose gold and sterling silver.

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