Jewelry Packing Tips

Unless you’re a workaholic (which we are, so we’re not judging) or you already live in paradise (okay, now we’re judging), summertime means it’s also vacation time — which, for many of us, also means it’s time to endure the hassles of airports, overpacking and luggage jostling across the cabin and down the baggage claim carousel.

Fortunately, there are some crafty ways to pack your delicate jewelry that will both lighten your luggage and keep those handmade investments feeling secure while they travel with you. Best of all — just as was the case with our cleaning and care tips — there’s an excellent chance you already have everything you need.

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Stud earrings:

Travel with earringsYou probably wouldn’t pack a cork board for a vacation or wear thumbtacks as earrings (again, we aren’t judging if you would), but the science here is the same. Take an ordinary wine cork (or a similarly-sized rod of soft wood) and pin your stud earrings to it. Keep one small earring case to hold your clutches, and leave the rest (and those oversized earring organizers) at home. If you don’t have a cork lying around, a business card is a similarly space-efficient method for holding your studs, clutches and all. (This probably wasn’t what the person at that networking event had in mind when handing the card to you, but your suitcase is a more honorable place for it than the recycling bin, right?)

Hoop earrings:

Travel with hoop earringsWe’d bet the farm that you have at least a dozen or two spare paperclips scattered about that are waiting to be useful. For one paperclip, here’s that chance. Just hang the hoops on the paperclip like keys on a keychain. You’ll want to place your hoop-chain in a secure box to protect your hoops from bending. But one box for all your hoops is better than several, and chaining them together ensures you won’t lose track of any of them during the trip.



Travel with ringsRemember that wooden rod from earlier? If you have another piece (or something similarly cylindrical like a short marker or lip balm), it’s a perfect storage solution for all your rings. Just slide them on the cylinder and tightly wrap rubber bands around both ends of the cylinder to keep the rings from sliding off. (And yes, we’d bet a second farm that you have a spare rubber band or two laying next to all those paper clips.) 


Necklaces and Bracelets:

Travel with braceletsIf you’re packing only a few chains or are looking for a more snug fit — or if you simply want something prettier than cardboard, just because — a drinking straw is similarly dependable and adjustable.It might be the opposite of stylish, but the venerable empty toilet paper roll certainly is dependable. Here’s yet another use: Just wrap and secure your necklaces and bracelets around the roll (cut the cardboard down to whatever size accommodates your jewelry best) and gently flatten the cardboard. Secure it in a towel, t-shirt or other cloth that you were packing for the trip anyway, and your jewelry stays safe without taking up any space.

Travel with necklace 


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