NYFW 2012 is just a week away! We’ve been asked to participate in a small way with the inclusion of a whopping 150 pieces for gift bags at a very swank show! I’m not going to give away the surprise until the show, but I wanted to show you a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on…

NYFW 2012 prep

The client and I decided that our simple silver and gold disk necklaces would be the perfect fit for just about anyone’s tastes. So I set out cutting 150 lengths of chain and setting up a little assembly line in the studio. It was fun!

NYFW 2012 giveaway 

Here are all of the complete necklaces lined up and ready to go.

NYFW 2012 giveaway

Here’s the packaging we landed on. It was one of my favorite parts of the whole project! I forgot how much I enjoyed package design – this of course lead to a redesign of my own packaging for Olive Yew! that you read about last week.

NYFW 2012 giveaway

Adding the finishing touches and they’re off. Hope everyone loves them as much as we loved making them!

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