At Olive Yew, we are very proud of our craftsmanship and want to make sure our customers are more than satisfied with their custom handmade jewelry. Some of our pieces, such as the Nose Ring, Tiny Hoop Earrings and Bangle Bracelets require special care when putting on and taking off to ensure the integrity of the jewelry isn’t effected.

A few questions have come up lately about these products, so below you will find tips on the proper way to handle them.

How to bend jewelry to fit without breaking it:

Nose Ring

Our Nose Rings are tiny so you have a lightweight and comfortable fit. They are delicate, so be gentle! To open, twist one end up and the other end down. Slide into place and squeeze shut. You’ll have a comfortable and petite nose ring that will last a lifetime.

Olive Yew Nose Ring 

Tiny Hoop Earrings

The Tiny Hoop Earring has one end that is hammered flat for a unique look that covers the smooth end. The non-hammered smooth end is meant to be inserted into your ear. To open, gently twist one end up and the other end down just like the Nose Ring. Place the thin, non-hammered smooth end in your ear and squeeze close! You can wear the hammered end in the back or it is pretty enough to show at the front of the hoop.

 Tiny Hoop Earring


Bangle Bracelets 

All of our jewelry is petite and feminine. We don’t like big clunky bangles. These bracelets are meant to be slipped onto your wrist and not bent wide to open and close. To slip on our open bangle bracelets, do not pull the end apart. Instead, twist one end up and the other end down. This will keep the metal from weakening over time. Slip your wrist in from the side and then squeeze closed. Check out our illustration below.

Open Bangle Bracelet

Several of our bangles come in Copper. As a reminder, here are tips about how to care for Copper jewelry.

As always, we only want to the best for our customers. If there is ever a question or issue with an item, just let us know. We're happy to help! In addition to our website, you can find our handmade jewelry in our Etsy shop.