Rose Gold Fall Favorites by Olive Yew

It is no secret that rose gold is a favorite of mine. I don’t just mean rose gold jewelry, either. I like rose gold everything. Since the announcement about the new rose gold iPhone 6 came out, I have been impatiently waiting for my very own!

I’m not the only person who likes rose gold, though. Look at all the products that are available now - everything from shoes to home décor. There must be a demand for rose gold items, because they couldn't have all been made specifically for me. Although that is a nice thought.

With all the hype about rose gold that the new iPhone has created, I want to show you a few of my favorites.

My favorite Rose Gold items for this Fall:

FLATWARE: Crate & Barrel, Harper Rose Flatware

rose gold flatware

JEWELRY: Olive Yew, Dreamcatcher Necklace

Rose Gold Dreamcatcher Necklace 

HAIR ACCESSORIES: Sephora, Rose Gold Deluxe Set

rose gold hair accessories

FURNITURE: Apt2B, Anita Metal Chair

rose gold chair

LIGHTING: Bellacor, Rose Gold Pendant Lamp

rose gold / copper lighting

SHOES: ModCloth, Viva la Diva Heel in Blush 

rose gold shoes

BAGS: Express, Metallic Reversible Tote

rose gold tote bag

FASHION: Tibi, Hanae Eyelet Midi Dress

rose gold dress


rose gold polish


And of course...

PHONE: Rose Gold iPhone 6

rose gold iPhone


Don't worry, I won't wear the dress and shoes with the necklace while carrying the phone in the tote bag. But, I might sit in the chair under the light and use the flatware.

What are some of your favorite rose gold products?

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