Halloween contest winner

Halloween is over and we’re sick from all the candy, but we’re still enjoying all the fun pictures we gathered from our pet costume contest and, of course, our own in-office Halloween party.

We held a pet costume contest on Facebook and Instagram and asked for everybody's super cute pet costume pics. All of the entries were unbelievably cute. It was tough, but we had to choose. 

Official #OliveMyPet Costume Contest Winners

#OliveMyPet Facebook winner

#OliveMyPet Instagram Winner

Of course, our goofy little Gertie is always a winner in our book. As you can tell, she couldn’t decide on just one costume, so she had multiple wardrobe changes. She's such a diva!

Gertie Halloween costumes

We could only choose one contest winner for Facebook and Instagram, but here are a few of our favorite pet contest entry pics:

 #OliveYewPet contest

#OliveYewPet contest

#OliveYewPet contest

#OliveYewPet contest

Halloween at Olive Yew

Every year, we all dress up for a little in-office Halloween party. We stuff ourselves with yummy food and sweet treats and of course laugh at each other in costumes. Costumes included a Kardashian, a wicked little girl, superman, a corporate suicide, and last but not least, our own sexy witch.

Olive Yew Halloween

Halloween is over and now it is time to buckle down and get serious about the holidays. Stay tuned for more fun Olive Yew events and contests.

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