Why Rose Gold Can Discolor Your Skin

I heard recently from a customer who was confused about why her rose gold jewelry was making green marks on her skin. She thought only copper jewelry did that. What she didn't know was how much copper plays a role in rose gold jewelry.

Copper's Role in Rose Gold

As you may or may not know, rose gold is made from a mix of gold, copper and a tiny amount of silver. The ratio of the metal combinations can vary, but the more copper that is added, the darker pink or red it looks. The smaller amount of copper that is added, the lighter pink finish. So, as you can see, copper is the game changing element that makes this beautiful jewelry finish what it is.

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Since copper is such a big part of rose gold, it only makes sense that rose gold could create green marks on the skin, just like copper.

Why Can Rose Gold or Copper Turn Skin Green?

Copper is a little picky – it doesn’t like just anything touching it. It not only reacts to the chemicals that are on your skin such as lotion and perfume, it also reacts to your natural oils and sweat. It even hates oxygen.

This is the difference between untarnished and tarnished copper.

Tarnished Copper Bracelet

As you know, some people have reactions to copper. We’ve all seen green marks that can appear on skin after wearing it. Since copper is in rose gold, people who are especially sensitive to copper may experience a similar effect when wearing rose gold jewelry.

green marked skin

Every person’s body chemistry is unique. Your chemistry can even be changed by medications that are taken. That’s why some people always get green marks and others never do. The best way to reduce the chance of green marks is by keeping your copper and rose gold jewelry dry and clean from chemicals.

Check out our Comprehensive Jewelry Cleaning Guide for details.

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