Top 4 Hoop Earrings

I’m sure you know that hoop earrings are trending right now. For me, they’ve never gone out of style. Whether you like large or small hoops, they are simply classic and you just can't go wrong. 

Before I started making jewelry, I searched for a pair of hammered rose gold hoops and couldn’t find a pair anywhere. Now, I make my own and absolutely love them. I like a variety of choices, so I always make them in sterling silver, gold-filled and rose gold-filled.

I make hoops in a variety of shapes and sizes: round, open, oval, square, inverted and even teardrop. However, the most popular hoops for women and men at Olive Yew continue to be the classic round. 

Top 4 Hoop Earrings 

Tiny Hoops

Tiny Hoop Earrings

I'm not being misleading in the name of these hoops, they really are tiny. They don't have a hook clasp or earring back, so they're really easy to put in and out. Because of their size, they're really great for a second or third piercing. If you aren't sure how to wear them, read my tips on how to bend these without breaking them.

Small Hammered Open Hoops

Small Hammered Open Hoops

These are your classic open hoop earrings that have a little more hammered surface. If you want a lightweight comfortable hoop with just a little texture, these are for you.

Large Hoops

Large Hoop Earrings

Non-hammered and ready for the party. These are my largest hoops that measure 2 inches in diameter, but still very lightweight. With a simple hook clasp, they stay in place.

Hammered Hoops

Hammered Hoop Earring

With a little more size and texture, these hammered hoops can really catch the eye. They aren't too big or too small - just about 1 - 1 1/2 inches in diameter. These are what I consider classic gold hoops.

Whether you want small and subtle or big and bold, you're sure to find a pair of hoops that fit your style in my shop.  

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Classic Hoop Earrings