Olive Yew's Best of 2015

I don’t know about you, but I love to see all of the “In Review” or “Best Of” lists at the end of each year. Best songs, best fashion trends, best movies…I can't get enough of them! I love how these lists let me relive the year as they bring back fun memories. I remember who I was with when I saw a certain movie or a song that always reminds me of a specific place.

This year, I’ve decided to do “Olive Yew’s Best of 2015” list. This way, I can share with you a few of my favorites!

Best of 2015 

Best New Item

My favorite new necklace is the Multiple Heart Initial Necklace. This necklace started out as a custom request that I made by tweaking the Custom Heart Stamped Necklace. I liked the way it looked so much, I decided to add it to my personalized collection. This is great as a mom’s necklace or even a grandmother’s necklace…one initial per heart for each kid or grandkid.


Best New Collection

Lockets really blew up this year for Olive Yew. The tiny Stamped Initial Locket Necklace has been our primary locket for a while and is still very popular, but I decided we needed a little variety. Now we have lockets in silver, gold and rose gold (rose gold lockets are so hard to find!) plus a variety of sizes.

Lockets are meant to hold something, but it doesn't have to just be a photo of loved one. I decided to change it up a little when we introduced the Grandmother Locket Necklace that holds tiny initialed hearts and the Mustard Seed Locket that holds a tiny mustard seed. 


Best Jewelry Set

Since layered jewelry was so popular this year, I rolled out two layered necklace sets. They turned out so great and were popular, so I thought, "Why stop at necklace sets?"  I created two other sets: an earring set and a full jewelry set that includes a necklace, bracelet and earrings. The most popular set by far was the Baby Bar Earring Set. 


Best Item to Make

My favorite item to make is the Custom Name Bar Necklace.  It’s fun to make because of how different each one is. I can fit up to 12 characters on the bar including letter, numbers and symbols. Since I do have a variety of symbol stamps (#, @, ∞, ♥, ✩, etc.), some of these custom necklaces are pretty creative. I never know what I’ll be making next.  

What item do you think is Olive Yew's Best of 2015?

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