How to place an image in a locket

A keepsake piece of jewelry is a great way to cherish or commemorate a loved one or even a special event. A Locket Necklace is the best way to do just that. 

You don't have to put an image in a locket (I put a mustard seed in one of mine), but most people do. So, how do you make sure an image will fit and stay securely in the locket? After you work hard to find the perfect image, you want it to stay put. It isn’t tough, it just takes a little bit of prep work.

How to size an image for a locket:

This is an easy one because you are sure to have these items in your house already. Lay a piece of clear plastic (ie. sandwich baggie) in the opened locket. With a marker, draw around the inner edge of the locket to create a template for the image size. Cut out the template and place it over your already printed image. Using the template as a frame, cut the image to fit. 

Now that you have your image cut out to the appropriate size and shape, you want to make sure it doesn't fall out of the locket. 

Here are 3 easy ways to make sure your image remains secure: 

1. Drop a tiny bit of glue in the locket and place the image on the glue. You have a little bit of time to slide the image around to make it straight. That seems too easy doesn't it?

2. Cut a small piece of double sided tape and put it on the back of your image. Carefully lay the tape-side down in the locket. This can be a little harder. If you don't lay down the image in the exact spot you need it, you should be able to gently lift it off the locket and try again.

3. Print your image on sticker paper (such as label paper). Cut the image, peel off the protective backing and place the adhesive side directly into the locket. This will not be as forgiving as the glue or double sided tape. I suggest that you lay the edge of the image down first and then roll it down from there. 


With a steady hand a couple of minutes of prep work, you can have a beautiful keepsake just like this locket with my favorite little Frenchie.

Other than a picture, what have you put in your locket?

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