Yesterday, I learned that July 26 is National Aunt Day. Well, technically it is National Aunt and Uncle Day. I don't know why I was surprised - there seems to be a day for everything. Of course, my favorite has always been National Dog Day, but that's because my French Bulldog, Gertie, is like a baby to me.

But now, I think I can really get behind National Aunt Day. Not only have I always had a strong relationship with my Aunt, but I'm also an Aunt and I adore my niece. My niece often spends days and weekends with me and she is even a great helper in the Olive Yew shop.

Last year, I came out with a new collection called Gifts for Loved Ones. In this collection you'll find a necklace specifically for Aunts

Lucky Aunt Necklace

The dainty hammered horseshoe necklace symbolizes how lucky you are to have her as your Aunt and you want to share the luck with her. The lucky horseshoe is available in silver, gold and rose gold. Plus, the packaging includes this beautifully written heartfelt card. 

Lucky Aunt Necklace with gift packaging

Gold Textured Horseshoe Necklace

Rose Gold Textured Horseshoe Necklace

Don't you think your Aunt would be so happy and surprised to get this from you? I'd love for you to share your story in the comment below.

Celebrate National Aunt Day on July 26th and tell her how much you care.

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