Ever since I first came out with Olive Yew's Best Friend Necklace and its sassy card, it was an instant success. Although the double interlocking circle necklace is pretty and symbolizes the connection between best friends, I've always thought it was the card that really appealed to the masses.

Sure, we all love our best friends, but we also have a sense of humor. Who says we have to be disgustingly mushy to tell our friends that they are appreciated? I'll tell you who, "the man."  (I'm really kidding...that just felt like the right thing to say.)

Although the necklace hasn't changed or the card's wording, the packaging has evolved. One reason for its evolution can be blamed on how much of a pain it is to make a trifold card and get it printed correctly. This was our original packaging and a nightmare to put together quickly.

Original Best Friend Packaging

Other reasons are purely aesthetics. The second round of packaging changed to the fold over card. It provided a bit of suspense when the receiver opened the box. It gave a sense of "the big reveal" when the card was lifted to find the sparkling confetti and shiny necklace.

Foldover Best Friend card

The most recent change may simply be a result of changing taste. Or, maybe I've seen the fold over card too often and am tired of it. Either way, I felt our favorite Best Friend Necklace was ready for a makeover.

Rose Gold Best Friend Necklace

With this new look, I thought it would be great to also offer it as a bracelet and a Best Friend Necklace Set. What's better than giving your friend a lovely gift? Getting one for yourself, too!


What do you think about our new packaging? I'd love to hear what you think in the comment section below.

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