Gifts under 30
When I get ready for the holidays, I usually have my big gifts planned out — but it’s running around trying to find those last-minute Christmas gifts that can make the season feel hectic. You’ll inevitably need a small gift for the office Santa exchange or to express warmth to someone who makes your life brighter. Having an extra gift or two on hand enables you to be gracious without any stress.

Here are some great ideas for gifts under $30 that will charm any girl or woman on your last-minute list; I personally purchase a few items each year for anyone I might have "forgotten" — or to welcome a surprise guest. The pieces below are more affordable than engraved jewelry and nice enough that you'll be excited if you get to keep one for yourself!

1. Infinity Bracelet ($25)

A super-affordable Christmas jewelry gift idea, this delicate bracelet is available in gold, rose-gold and silver tones. So graceful and feminine, this piece features an infinity symbol, offering a lovely reminder to be aware of our shared universe.

Infinity Bracelet

2. Scalloped White Marble Cheese Board ($24)

A simple item made from pure stone, this marble cheese board matches anyone’s lifestyle or decor. The distinctive symmetry of the shape makes it perfect for cutting or serving. By Williams-Sonoma (photo credit Williams-Sonoma).

Marble cutting board

3. Rose-Gold Cuff 3-Earring Set ($25 - $27)

These three rose-gold-plated cuffs slip comfortably over the outer part of the ear, where they will rest so weightlessly that the wearer won’t even be aware of them. They pair beautifully with a rose-gold necklace or other engraved gift.

Rose Gold Ear Cuffs
4. Fox Neck Warming Pillow ($29.95)

A whimsical fleece pillow from the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art (one of my favorite museums, I spent so many hours there when I lived in Chicago), this eye-catching fox makes an ideal gift for her. Designed in Berlin, the cozy pillow is filled with organic wheat, and it can be warmed up in the oven to comfort tired muscles at the end of a long day.

Fox Neck Pillow

5. Tiny Locket Necklace ($29)

Every girl has someone she wants to remember, and now she can keep that person's image close to her heart. When two small photos are added to this locket, it becomes a precious custom gift or a necklace to engrave. Its diminutive size and fine gold-filled chain make it easy to wear every day.

Tiny gold locket

I hope these custom Christmas gift ideas make it easier for you to find the perfect gift for your friend, sister, coworker, neighbor or anyone else who deserves something special this holiday season. To browse through Olive Yew’s collection of personalized jewelry, including engraved necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, or visit our Etsy shop.