I don't think I'm alone when I say I love to browse through Pinterest for popular pins of recipes, crafts, and fashion tips. Since Olive Yew's customers typically are searching for the same thing, I like to share our common interests through Olive Yew's Pinterest page. Don't worry, it doesn't include just our jewelry - we have boards dedicated to recipes, fashion, crafts, plus a lot more.

It's funny what catches the eye on Pinterest. You pin something that you really like and think everyone is going to love it, too, but then you get no repins. Other times, a random pin from a late-night and blurry eyed pinning session gets tons of saves. 

Here are Olive Yew's 15 Most Popular Pins of All-Time

1. Best Hairstyles For Should Length Hair 

30.5K repins and saves (Fun fact- The link to this pin doesn't even have that image anymore, but it still gets repins...)

Best Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair

2. Vanilla Peach Pops

13.7K repins and saves

Vanilla Peach Pops

3. DIY Glow in the Dark Wiffle Balls 

12.8K repins and saves

DIY Glow in the Dark Wiffle Balls

4. Best 15 Minute Workout for Legs and Butt 

10.4K repins and saves

Best 15 minute workout for legs and butt

5. Crossed Wire Ear Cuff

10.3K repins and saves

Crossed Wire Ear Cuff

6. Best Friend Necklace 

9.6K repins and saves

Best Friend Necklace

7. Rose Gold Ear Cuff Set

7.2K repins and saves

Rose Gold Ear Cuff Set

8. Gone Fishing Cupcakes 

5.9K repins and saves

Gone Fishing Cupcakes

9. 30 Minute Mango Chicken Teriyaki

4.3K repins and saves

30 Minute Mango Chicken Teriyaki

10. The Most Beautiful Places in North Carolina You Didn't Know Existed 

3.7K repins and saves

The Most Beautiful Places in NC You Didn't Know Existed

11. Mustard Seed Locket Necklace 

3.4K repins and saves

Mustard Seed Locket Necklace

12. Decorated French Bulldog 

2.6K repins and saves

Decorated French Bulldog

13. Perfect Leather Lace-up Sandals 

2.5K repins and saves

Perfect Leather Lace-up Sandals

14. Grandmother Locket Necklace 

2.4K repins and saves

Grandmother Locket Necklace

15. Picture Frame Towel Rack 

2.4K repins and saves (Fun fact - I liked this idea so much I made a version of this for my bathroom!)

Picture Frame Towel Rack

Visit our Pinterest page and follow the boards that interest you the most. Happy pinning!

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